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Ganguly Group was set up in 2001 driven by the vision to provide practical, value for money and aesthetically pleasing housing solutions for the middle class families in Kolkata.

It is a progressive and one of the largest vertically integrated Real Estate Services in South Kolkata and employs more than 100 well trained experienced real estate professionals.

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.... and the past is the support of all our esteemed customers which is remarkabel factor to spell out our greater success story of last 15 Years. We shall continue to offer the best in terms of products, services and more importantly, values in coming years.

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Dear valued all

Let me confess that what got us into the real estate business in 2001 was not an earth-shattering vision of the future but a simple customer reality. That the customer needed a complete property solution at desk rather than seeking it from diverse and distant sources.
It is almost 8 years since Ganguly Group entered into this business, and surprisingly, the original rationale of business continues to remain valid. An increasing number of customers still desire complete property solutions from the consultant they work with. As a result, other than only building up properties and transaction, service at Ganguly Group extends to strategic advice, appraisal, valuation, research, management, referral to extends in related fields, etc.
One might assume that this advice service umbrella requires a lot of research and intelligence. It does. But more importantly, it requires alliances with architects, legal and other experts, customers, etc. This brings me to that one word singularly responsible for our business growth: relationships.
At Ganguly Group, a relationship-centric business model has transacted into trust, transparency, quality, responsiveness and a professional approach.
In the process, Ganguly Group has emerged as the largest vertically integrated residential and commercial real estate services company in South Kolkata. The company offers one of the most comprehensive services portfolios in the industry.
I am quite confident that this relationship-driven approach will help us progressively strengthen our position as one of the most trusted real estate solutions company of India.

Amit Ganguly
Managing Director, Ganguly Group

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