Loan Subvention: An ease for Property-Buyers

For majority middle-class Indians, buying a property is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, thus before they become proud owners of their dream place, most of them find the need to live in rented accommodations.

When one decides to purchase an under construction property in India, one is bound to make payments at regular intervals as and how the construction proceeds. Such a payment structure is defined to be construction linked progress.  Buyers either have to make these payments from their savings or else take home loans, available at all major banks.  Against these home loans, banks charge a monthly interest on the drawn loan amount. This interest amount is termed to be ‘interest burden’ on the realty purchasers.  These double whammy of interest levied on property buyers that too on under construction property and rent are indeed troublesome.

Real estate developers and mortgage suppliers, as well as banks, have designed a brand new loan set up, whereby the client needs to create a particular direct payment say 10%-30% of the agreement worth (in most cases) at the time of booking and so needn’t pay something until offered possession of the property. This trending scheme is defined as interest rate subvention scheme.

There are numerous types of subvention schemes out there within the market, like 10-80-10, 15-80-5, 10-70-10-10 and 30-40-30. As you’ll see, all of these schemes mentioned earlier are within the variety of a quantitative relation of A-B-C wherever A is the total payable amount by the buyer; B is the share paid by the bank to the builder at varied stages of construction; and C is the bill paid by the bank to the builder in exchange for property possession to the client.

Why the rate of interest subvention scheme?

In a rate of interest subvention scheme everybody together with the customer, bank and also the builder advantages in a number of manners.


  • The scheme ensures a gradual flow of funding towards the project at a low risk.
  • Real estate developers solely pay the interest quantity or the pre-EMI on behalf of the client.


  • Processing the loan for the scheme takes a lot of less time.
  • Banks attract an outsized range of client base by giving compatibility with such schemes.


  • The burden of paying pre-EMI in conjunction with house rent is wavered off.
  • The scheme helps the customer with value appreciation throughout the development amount.

Why Hiring a Professional Interior Designer is Important

When you plan to get a house or even an office space, how should the interior be done is that the most intriguing question.  Interior of the place you put up in is certainly vital.  Your lifestyle is outlined by your psychological and physiological surroundings. Thence why hiring an interior designer to provide your house that oomph issue, is often suggested.

Benefits of hiring an expert Interior Designer:

 Budgeting and Time Management:

It is ordinarily believed that hiring an interior designer is a superfluous expense; however looking at it from a farther perspective, hiring one could assist you to economize in the long run. Without an professional help, you would possibly find yourself floundering to stick to the dedicated timeline. These professionals would have access to wholesale suppliers and vendors that you just might not be aware of. This might facilitate cut back your expense significantly. They’ll additionally assist you to avoid expensive mistakes and in maintaining the standard of work.

All-in-one solution:

Resourcing materials and hiring numerous contractors to carry out construction and other physical works is completely agonizing.  This method can be exasperating for those who are not absolutely prepared. Your advisor can source the materials for your project. They’ll make sure to suggest you the simplest contractors within the business, document the actual project method and even supervise your site.

Better Co-ordination:

Your interior designer acts as a communication barrier between your architect and your contractor. Hiring an interior designer to assist you with the planning would, in fact, help you avoid design misses within the overall set up of your house. this protects you from getting into the mess of juggling between your professional work and construction work.

A new approach to designing:

Many people underestimate the facility of ergonomics in a successful interior design project. Prioritizing the physical, physiological and psychological comfort of an individual and planning a place is referred to ergonomics. an expert interior designer is well-versed within the science of anthropometry, i.e. the scientific study of the measurements and proportions of the physical body. They’re going to provide a trained eye which will keep some of your additional unrealistic expectations in check. They know how to match the dimensions and proportion of the house to its decoration and furnishings that are often aiming to work in your favor.

Better Output to your imagination:

Interior design is as much an art as it could be a science. This implies that the outcome of any certain set of materials and aesthetics can positively be calculated and foretold. An expert interior decorator can provide you with the trifecta of sensible skills, expertise and a capability to articulate your vision. so helping you translate the image in your head into actual reality. you can invariably ask for test renders for your final product and even request changes if it doesn’t fit your vision. thence you’ll never have to be compelled to worry regarding the end result.

How to buy a Pre-Registered Resale Property

Resale property may be a smart choice for patrons who are looking to buy a flat but do not wish to wait for three to four years to get possession of their property. To confirm that you aren’t duped of your hard-earned money, it’s advisable to try and do a radical analysis on the property. Before buying a resale property, there are a variety of legal documents and list that a client has to beware of to avoid any issues in future.

You can either choose a resale property that’s already registered with the local authority or an unregistered one as in the case of Kolkata where all properties are registered solely after its completion.

Here is a list that you just need to beware once opting for a pre-registered property::

1) Registration Document and Possession Letter: Before purchasing a pre-registered resale property, make it a point to ascertain the registration document of the property. The documents relating to the registration of the document ought to be obtainable. With the exception of the registration document, you ought to additionally check the possession letter issued by the builder of the selling property.

2) Clear all RWA Dues: This is often another vital purpose that you simply ought to detain mind wherein buying a registered resale property. Make sure that all the property taxes are paid and there are not any dues left. There ought to be no outstanding bills like property taxes, water charges, society bills and electricity bills. With the exception of the RWA dues, get a no objection certificate from the various authorities before purchasing a resale property.

3) Checklist for Registered Property: Except for the above mentioned legal documents, ensure that the property is freed from all debts. Just in case the property is below debt, check whether or not approval from the suitable authority has been taken. Once you decide to buy a pre-registered resale property, you ought to pay the transfer charges that would be involved.

These are some of the points that you have to keep in mind while planning to invest in a resale property so that you get a fair deal. A thorough research before purchasing a resale property will give you peace of mind for years to come.

Guide to Choosing a Good Floor Plan:

Choosing and buying a house is the foremost exciting a part of your life. As a house owner, you’d prefer to make sure that the floor set up. There are several things and components that contribute to creating a decent plan. Here are few tips to differentiate between a good plan and a foul plan and the way you’ll be able to establish these:

The size of the house:

Depending on the number of members that may be living, you wish to settle on the scale of the living accommodations. like a rectangular space over a square one. Room


A good plan is that the one that includes a room of a minimum of 12 ft length and 10 feet of dimension. this is often supported by the very fact that the standard bed size in India is about 7-9 foot long. Leave enough area for one to maneuver around freely. For a master bedroom, the bleeding area ought to be a minimum of 7-10 foot in conjunction with a master bathroom and a walking closet.

Bedroom, Bathroom, balcony and far more:

Usually, a 1BHK has 1 attached bathroom whereas a 2BHK flat might need 2, one connected to the room and the different one with the hall. it’s suggested to prefer a bigger balcony instead of multiple tiny balconies to make sure healthy ventilation.

The utility of the space:

A right plan is when you consider how well you’ll utilize the area. Do think about the traffic flow and think about the look and feel of the house. A good plan ought to be ready to provide you with the sensation of after finished work. If you’re attempting to increase the visibility and build larger space, style the floor set up accordingly.

Let layout be the deciding factor:

We all have an instinct if space feels comfy. Think about your instinct as per your demand whereas finalizing the floor set up is incredibly necessary. If the lounge is spacious and welcoming, then the floor set up is actually sensible. do not get excited regarding the upgraded floors and appliances mentioned in the floor plans.

Seek skilled guidance

Connect with the skilled architecture. Factors like energy saving, locations, maintenance expertise, and ROI are thought-about when sitting with the skilled designer. an easy guidance can prove a profitable venture for long.

A Checklist for before you invest in properties in Kolkata

Real estate market in Kolkata has matured at an exponential rate and it’s time that you simply invest in this sector. Buying a property in Kolkata is undoubtedly a huge investment and intrinsically, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. However, before you purchase any property, there are many things to keep in mind. Take a look:

What is the intention of buying the property?

Is it simply an investment or would you be staying there? Otherwise, do you intend to rent it out? If you’re planning to stay, then you’ve got to consider other family needs as well. Similarly, If you’ve got kids, there ought to be an open area, so as to give them that homely feel.

The transport system ought to be excellent with sensible connectivity. The property ought to be close to different amenities like a hospital, supermarkets, airport or railway station etc. If you intend to offer it for rent, it ought to be close to the business hub of the city. Take the right call before buying property.

Get the documents checked by an attorney

This is crucial. The title deed of the property (or house) ought to be clear. This deed provides you ownership of the land. Check if there is litigation on the property or not. If it’s a building, check its occupancy certificate.

The property gets an occupancy certificate only it has all the mandatory amenities like sewage, electricity and water connection etc. The certificate is additionally a proof that the housing has been constructed as per the building layout approved by the authorities.

Don’t haste, do your analysis

Do not simply blindly buy a property simply because you liked it in the 1st place. Check the market price of comparable property in that area. This is often simply to confirm the proper are getting the right value. Also, confirm if the area has 24X7 water and electricity supply or not. This can prevent any nasty surprises.

Don’t forget the extra expenses

In India, most of the people apply for a loan (especially home loan) for purchasing a property. However, keep in mind that banks won’t sanction the entire value of your property as a loan.

You have to deal a particular proportion and rest will be provided by the banks. Keep this money prepared before you purchase any property. you would possibly even have to give advanced payment for maintenance, for getting furnishings etc. Not pondering these aspects might take you by surprise later.


Take some time to answer these inquiries  before you fix up on your property in order to save yourself from any surprising surprises.

Hacks to give your House that touch of Royalty:

Property house owners across the globe share one thing in common that is the aspiration to urge their properties appreciated by the guests who visit their house. If you have to accomplish this aspiration, you may inevitably need to give your property an expensive look. There are numerous to relinquish your property an expensive makeover that the world’s most stunning homes feature. However, in order to get your property to a position within the list of the foremost stunning house in India, it would involve a major extent of investment. Hence, you would like to look for effective nonetheless economical ideas that may provide an impressive look to your property, while not exerting the burden of extravagant expenses on your shoulders. The paragraphs beneath shall discuss many points that may modify you to urge luxurious home.

Here are some of the points to keep in mind

Go for a blend of both classic and contemporary architecture:

Picture Courtesy:

Feature a luxurious looking entrance no matter what:

Picture Courtesy:

Make no compromise on the cleanliness

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Make your bathroom spa ready:

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Use curtains that add to the luxury:

Picture Courtesy:

Let lights do the trick:

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4 Common Myths Every Home buyer comes across:

house hunting

The home buyers are certain to be clouded by the subsequent most common myths:

1. A house should qualify as your dream home

Both financially and emotionally, home-buying will be a tricky job because it is extremely necessary to shop for a home that caters all of your needs and desires. However, it’s not required to appear for a house that may fulfill all the items in your dream home listing.


A few little changes like changing the wall paint color or adding an additional cupboard space will be done therefore as to transform the new house into your dream home, irrespective of whether or not you get villas or new residences in Kochi.


These are the fundamental remedies to resolve the trivial problems that arise once you buy a house. A purchaser should contemplate the crucial aspects of a house just like the location, its price, space, design, design, amenities, etc. well before he really purchases it.

2. Renting vs. Purchasing

Some say it’s better to buy a house and a few say it’s cheaper to rent a house. The rental vs. buying has been an endless discussion. This call utterly depends upon the assorted necessities of the house patrons.


If you’re planning to make an investment, then buying a house is invariably the most effective choice. however, if you’re planning to settle in for a shorter amount of your time, then renting a home is a more robust choice than shopping for.

Thus, owning a house is an investment, whereas rental is simply a living expense.

3. Owning plot vs. buying flat

Similar to renting vs. purchasing; owning plot vs. buying flat has conjointly been an endless discussion. The choice of whether or not you ought to purchase a plot of land or purchase an apartment/villa fully depends upon one’s personal preferences.


It’s up to you, whether or not if you like to shop for a piece of land as a real estate investment and commit to establishing your dream house there within the near future or purchase flats in Kolkata

4. Home buying – A Risky Business

Buying or financing in anything is indeed a risky business. No investment is a hundred percent risk-free; whether if it’s gold, market shares, mutual funds, bank deposits or assets.


The fact is that each form of investment has its own pros and cons. A clever buyer can scrutinize the pros of buying a home and work the simplest way around the cons.


But if you’re aiming to purchase a house from the reputed and reliable builders in Kolkata, then you’ll be able to be guaranteed of making the right property investment call.


By now, you’d have identified the foremost common home-buying myths. It’s time that you just laugh at all the above-named myths and so move together with your plan of buying your dream home. Ganguly Group wishes you a happy Home-Buying!!!


If you’re somebody searching for ready to move new flats in Kolkata, Ganguly group possesses a good vary of luxury residences within the numerous prime locations of Kolkata.


A glimpse of the club life at 4 Sight Florence:

4 Sight Florence Is a luxury group of the housing community, Spread over 130+ Flats integrated development located in Garia, South Kolkata.

This Unique Endeavor by Ganguly Group intends to bring back the lost Tranquility in peoples’ lives.

It brings together a rich combination of pleasing aesthetics, novel architecture and luxury specifications set within wide open spaces.

The well-defined club house at 4 Sight Florence offers world-class leisure facilities which provide you with a unique social hub for you to meet, bond and refresh.

Luxury Amenities at 4 Sight Florence Include
Swimming Pool


Well Equipped Gym


Jogger’s Park


Play Area and Lounge pad


24×7 Security and Ample Parking Space 

What Our Clients Say!!

At Ganguly Group, our clients are our priority & our final goal is to gift each customer a way of life beyond comfort and luxury. We tend to, as a Real Estate company are driven by an innate urge to provide a world-class experience for our customers and stakeholders in each which way. Our philosophy is Thinking Ahead which is building today’s vision into tomorrow’s living. It’s about sustainability, integration, and affordable housing with superior infrastructure and amenities. We are happy to check so many happy customers. Here is what many ought to say concerning us…

Srinjoy Ghosh & Neetu Ghosh, IT professionals, Kolkata

Thank you Team Ganguly Group for serving to us realizes our dream home! This is the first house we’ve endowed in, thus it’s terribly special for us. We sought for months along for our new home & finally landed up with an exquisite flat in 4 Sight Florence. The project features were explained well & all the factors involved were mentioned terribly clearly with us. My spouse believes in Vaastu, thus shayantan- the sales team agent, suggested us accordingly that helped in finalizing our flat. Communication was clear & prompt. The actual fact that the complete interaction was sleek with the Ganguly Group sales team prompted my cousin also to book housing at4 Sight Florence. My family and I are eagerly waiting to move to our new abode shortly.

Mr. and Mrs. Parekh, Parekh aluminum and steel dealers, Kolkata

We have registered a flat in Green Leaf. The initiation for us to look at Green Leaf, as a choice came from Faizal GV, Sr. Manager (Sales), who spoke to my spouse for a site visit & then was terribly consistent in following up with my family since then. Although we tend to had in agreement to the deal & signed the required documents, Faizal ensured that I visited the site too to confirm that the complete family was on the same page concerning the property we selected. He has helped us from then onwards till now in collecting cheques, documents we tend to get the price satisfaction. Faizal additionally referred us to the interior designers (Orbit Spaces) & helped in obtaining the proper design suitable to our needs and helped in negotiating the price as well! He coordinated on our behalf with your finance team, engineering team & helped in registration & in taking up of the flat. we are terribly proud of this entire experience at Ganguly Group & its team serving to us with our dream home and in every step we took to fulfill it. Faizal treated us like his circle of relatives & has taken care of all our doubts, queries and issues.


We are happy to be part of the Ganguly family and would love to suggest you to our friends & family.


DIY Ideas for decorating your Bedroom without bursting your wallet!


Your Bedroom is your Den- your Productive Space. From the moment you wake up to the moment you retire at the end of the day, your room has witnessed it all!

Nobody likes monotony; It’s nice to change the vibe of your room every once in a while.  I know what you must be thinking- It’s easy for me to say revamp your bedroom but it’s you who needs to deal with the money cringe!

What if I tell you that you could do it without breaking your budget?

Well yes: Read through for some fun and budget-friendly bedroom makeover ideas

Paint it Bright:

Aren’t you bored of staring at the same walls every day?  Let’s brighten it up- add a lovely shade of pastel or a funky strip of grey. You could even choose to go Bold for that touch of warmth.

Frame it up:

Who doesn’t like pictures on their walls? Showcase your favourite moment of each day up on your wall. Not only does it brighten your room- it will also draw a line of smile every time you look through it.

Your cozy corner:

Everyone has that one chair in their room; the one where you dump things; the one where you slouch in when you get lazy. It’s time to make it even more comfortable I say. You could try putting a lovely reading lamp on the table next to it or arrange a new bookshelf close to it.

Add your favourite lights:

You can never have enough lights. Add a bedside night stand with a statement table lamp. Or hang in some ferry lights. This alone could give your room a new life.

Pseudo Space:

You could always add mirrors to your room, especially ornate ones. These reflect light in a room and make it feel way more spacious.

Bed makeover:

Your bed is the star of the room any day to give it the much-needed makeover. Buy nice complimenting bed sheets and pillowcases. Shop for prints you have never tried before.

Try these Stylish yet Pocket-friendly DIY tips and enjoy your new Den