What Our Clients Say!!

At Ganguly Group, our clients are our priority & our final goal is to gift each customer a way of life beyond comfort and luxury. We tend to, as a Real Estate company are driven by an innate urge to provide a world-class experience for our customers and stakeholders in each which way. Our philosophy is Thinking Ahead which is building today’s vision into tomorrow’s living. It’s about sustainability, integration, and affordable housing with superior infrastructure and amenities. We are happy to check so many happy customers. Here is what many ought to say concerning us…

Srinjoy Ghosh & Neetu Ghosh, IT professionals, Kolkata

Thank you Team Ganguly Group for serving to us realizes our dream home! This is the first house we’ve endowed in, thus it’s terribly special for us. We sought for months along for our new home & finally landed up with an exquisite flat in 4 Sight Florence. The project features were explained well & all the factors involved were mentioned terribly clearly with us. My spouse believes in Vaastu, thus shayantan- the sales team agent, suggested us accordingly that helped in finalizing our flat. Communication was clear & prompt. The actual fact that the complete interaction was sleek with the Ganguly Group sales team prompted my cousin also to book housing at4 Sight Florence. My family and I are eagerly waiting to move to our new abode shortly.

Mr. and Mrs. Parekh, Parekh aluminum and steel dealers, Kolkata

We have registered a flat in Green Leaf. The initiation for us to look at Green Leaf, as a choice came from Faizal GV, Sr. Manager (Sales), who spoke to my spouse for a site visit & then was terribly consistent in following up with my family since then. Although we tend to had in agreement to the deal & signed the required documents, Faizal ensured that I visited the site too to confirm that the complete family was on the same page concerning the property we selected. He has helped us from then onwards till now in collecting cheques, documents we tend to get the price satisfaction. Faizal additionally referred us to the interior designers (Orbit Spaces) & helped in obtaining the proper design suitable to our needs and helped in negotiating the price as well! He coordinated on our behalf with your finance team, engineering team & helped in registration & in taking up of the flat. we are terribly proud of this entire experience at Ganguly Group & its team serving to us with our dream home and in every step we took to fulfill it. Faizal treated us like his circle of relatives & has taken care of all our doubts, queries and issues.


We are happy to be part of the Ganguly family and would love to suggest you to our friends & family.


DIY Ideas for decorating your Bedroom without bursting your wallet!


Your Bedroom is your Den- your Productive Space. From the moment you wake up to the moment you retire at the end of the day, your room has witnessed it all!

Nobody likes monotony; It’s nice to change the vibe of your room every once in a while.  I know what you must be thinking- It’s easy for me to say revamp your bedroom but it’s you who needs to deal with the money cringe!

What if I tell you that you could do it without breaking your budget?

Well yes: Read through for some fun and budget-friendly bedroom makeover ideas

Paint it Bright:

Aren’t you bored of staring at the same walls every day?  Let’s brighten it up- add a lovely shade of pastel or a funky strip of grey. You could even choose to go Bold for that touch of warmth.

Frame it up:

Who doesn’t like pictures on their walls? Showcase your favourite moment of each day up on your wall. Not only does it brighten your room- it will also draw a line of smile every time you look through it.

Your cozy corner:

Everyone has that one chair in their room; the one where you dump things; the one where you slouch in when you get lazy. It’s time to make it even more comfortable I say. You could try putting a lovely reading lamp on the table next to it or arrange a new bookshelf close to it.

Add your favourite lights:

You can never have enough lights. Add a bedside night stand with a statement table lamp. Or hang in some ferry lights. This alone could give your room a new life.

Pseudo Space:

You could always add mirrors to your room, especially ornate ones. These reflect light in a room and make it feel way more spacious.

Bed makeover:

Your bed is the star of the room any day to give it the much-needed makeover. Buy nice complimenting bed sheets and pillowcases. Shop for prints you have never tried before.

Try these Stylish yet Pocket-friendly DIY tips and enjoy your new Den

Switch to Eco friendly Homes Today!!

Ecofriendly interior

Today when everywhere we are trying to go eco-friendly to reduce global warming why leave out our abodes? Isn’t it true that charity begins at HOME?

So today I thought I would introduce to you some of the trending eco-friendly interior ideas that could not only help the environment but also help the aesthetics of your home. In the process of helping the ecosystem,  you would be contributing positively to the health of your family as well.

Place plants as decoration:

Green PlantsPicture Courtesy: www.artistic-law.com

Let sunlight In: 

Let sun In Picture Courtesy: www.mymodernmet.com


Use organic & natural materials:

Use organic material
Picture Courtesy: www.mega-remont.com

Use energy efficient lighting:

light efficiencyPicture Courtesy: www.inhabitat.com

Use stone or wood for the flooring: 

Stone FlooringPicture Courtesy: www.mannington.com

Creative ways to use the space under your stairway

Colour Psychology

Excited about finally designing your dream home? Or planning to Re-do your interior this summer?

Living in Flats in Kolkata or any other city for that matter is not easy as they are mostly tiny. That is why people have started opting for duplex villas or individual multi-storey houses.

When you design your house the more efficient you are at utilizing the space available, the better for you. One is that people generally look past is the space under the staircase.

Here are some really trendy yet effective ways to utilize this once
not-so-useful space of your home:

Storage Cabinets

Isn’t it true that you can never have enough of storage space? You can build open / c

Closed cabinets to keep things organized.  Do it creatively to match the taste of your house and you are good to go.


Kids Playroom
You can make the perfect den for your baby. A place where it’s all rights to make a mess the way they want to. And it’s perfect as you can keep a watch on them from you kitchen corridor.



For all you book lovers, you can use this space to show off your collection, covert space under the staircase in your home as a mini library. Add a comfy couch, a few of your favourite pillow and a rug & Ta-daa it’s your perfect reading spot.


Secret bathroom

It never hurts to have a common bathroom in living area. You can now have one under the staircase. Yes, it might be tiny but it still works the purpose right.


Seating spot

You can build an ultimate entertainment den under the stairs with a couch or even a simple bench & some shelving. You can convert that space into perfect escapist place which everyone can enjoy equally.



You can utilize this space under stairs in your home as your study area or your workstation also. You can do this simply by adding a built-in desk, a comfy chair & some open shelves.


Laundry Nook  

Now hide away your washing machine. Keep it in the space under the staircase maybe behind closed cabinets or even adding a curtain would work. With some wiring work & an electric socket, you have the finest space for keeping your washing machine


Like these ideas? Well at the day the point is whatever you do, do it in STYLE!

Throw in some Blue!!


Every year brings to you fresh interior ideas to incorporate into your home.

This year we thought why we don’t go with blue. Ask a group of people what their favorite color is, and chances are, after black of course blue is the second most opted choice.

Blue is known as a cool and calming color that shows creativity and intelligence. Blue color is also known to have a calming effect on the psyche. Its inherently soothing, tranquil vibe helps people feel more peaceful thereby helping them fall asleep faster.

Who wouldn’t feel good about going back home at the end of the day when it eases you of all your pressure and sadness?

Just take a peek at the lovely interior ideas  by various designers, we think would be great for your perfect abode:

BLue bedroom
Picture Courtesy: http://predds.info/g/0016_016/


Blue room
Picture Courtesy: http://ymadsblog.com/gray-turquoise-living-room/stylish-gray-turquoise-living-room-intended-18-dream-grey-photo-homes-designs-26646/


Blue Hall
Picture Courtesy: http://emberandash.co/navy-blue-room-ideas/


Black and Blue
Picture Courtesy : http://internetunblock.us/black-white-and-blue-bedroom-ideas.html


Blue dining Hall
Picture Courtesy: http://www.traditionalhome.com/category/color/beautiful-rooms-blue-and-white



Trending Washbasin Ideas for your new HOME

Bathrooms have now become more than just a place to wash off the grit. It has now become more of a style statement when you buying a home or flats.  The different types of wash basins give an altogether different look to your space.
Regardless of whether you have a taste more on the traditional side or on the contemporary side, there are options to suit your style.

>Ceramic basins: 
Ceramic Basins
These types of basins are the most common types of wash basins used. These are usually quite inexpensive and easy to install. They are usually wall-mounted. These are also installed on classy counter studies. Wood, glass, marble, granite are the best options for a counter sturdy. Ceramic washbasins are available in a variety of colours.


>Marble Wash basins: 
Marble Top washbasin
Usually, these marble wash basins come in Italian shades of black and cream. These basins add an extra touch of luxury to your living space.


>Onyx Wash Basins:
ONYX washbasin
Onyx is a diaphanous stone which is seen to be trending a lot these days. Wash basins made out these stones are also very attractive. These are generally mounted on beautifully designed tables. These wash basins, when opted with the right kind of décor, can transform the entire look and feel of your space.

Wooden Wash Basins:
wooden washbasin
These waterproof washbasins are also table mounted. These are generally made up of bamboo wood. These basins never go out of trend. They give a very classy touch to your bathroom/ dining room.

>Stone Pedestal Wash Basins:
Stone Pedestal Wash Basins:
These are ideal for contemporary lovers. These freestanding washbasins are generally made of large blocks of marble or even onyx stones. These are generally on the high-end side. They are comparatively a bit pricier. Well as its said nothing worth comes cheap and easy right?


Garia: The New Residential Gem of Kolkata.

Garia/ south kolkata

Garia is one of the highly preferred localities in south Kolkata. It is known for its rising property value.  This increase in property demand is mainly due to the infrastructure developments, its highly connected transport facilities and also its well-structured social upfront.

Garia has become one of the most liked places for real estate investment purposes. Major reasons for this being as follows:

>Property options:

Garia is so full of options to choose from, may it be in terms of budget, property type, facilities anything. Literally, you name and you would find it. You can find properties like 2/ 3/ 4 BHK flats to spacious duplexes, plush condos, penthouses and even amazing studio apartments. Properties can be found of both high-end pricing as well as moderate pricing. This makes properties in Gaira affordable for people from all walks of life.

>Affordable Pricing:

As compared to properties in North Kolkata, the properties in South Kolkata provide the same amenities and facilities but at a much cheaper rate. This is one of the major reasons why people started to take an interest in this locality. People of every income level gets to invest in new residential projects in kolkata may it be for residential or commercial purposes.


Garia is very well connected with every other part of Kolkata. The fact that E.M.Bypass is located in close proximity of Garia has a major role to play for the same. It connects Garia with areas like Salt Lake and New Town, both of which are predominant IT hubs of the city.

>Social Infrastructure:

Garia is well established with schools, hospitals, metropolitan malls, supermarkets and every such amenities that one would require for a living a comfortable lifestyle.  This is one of the reasons why people have started to prefer this location for their residential purposes.

It’s Time to Design your Perfect Happy Home

Design perfect happy home 2018

Setting up your dream house or tired of your old torn drapes and rugs? Worry not it’s that time of the year again.New Year has brought with it the latest interior designing trends for your perfect living space.This year we see the old aesthetics returning back into favors with a touch of new flavors take shape.

Read on to find out what the experts have to share with you about home décor of 2018:

Throw in some hue: 
This year is all about going wild with colours. Bold Red, Vintage Blue, and Crazy greens- Anything but neutral tones is the code. It’s basically all about painting your imagination- the real you!Undoubtedly neutrals colours would completely go off the list. The perfect blend of yu-huu and subtle is the trend setting in on this year.

Let aspiration lead on: 
Most important of all: design what you want to feel when you come back home. More than a designer living space one enjoys the comfort the peace home provides. Be sure to embed that essence that energy into your creativity.

Go Retro: 
Someone once said, “The beauty of old is valued beyond Gold” Whether you are trying to do your home or your workplace, using vintage articles that you can relate to – using it to narrate a story – is a very interesting idea. It can fascinate anyone who walks in. The vibe of energy rushing through them could surprise you. Doing a research before you decide what showpiece should you get is very important. What you get showcases you- portrays the kind of person you are.

Plank up the floor: 
For that perfect rustic look, wider planks are a deal breaker. Planks have always been known for the sense of history they provide the rooms with.

Mix it Up: 
This season we see brass making a comeback. Rose gold which was a hit last year is seen to take a back seat.Using a blend of various metals for your furnishing is a great idea. May it be kitchen cabinets, toilet fixtures or even the lighting- spice it up.When trying to do the metal interior, make sure to have one metal dominating over the others. The idea is to use it as the other metals to give essence to the themed metal. The finishing should have uniformity, to end up giving you room the perfect look.

Real Estate in Kolkata- A Smart Investment

Flats in garia

Investing in Real estate has become very popular in the last few years especially due to the decline in the price of Gold. Gold, once the safest bet to invest on has now taken a back seat.

In India real estate is considered the most profitable investment. This is due to the guaranteed returns it yields. With the property prices rising in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad, buying a Kolkata real estate is seen as a good decision in terms of investment.

Kolkata, once the British Capital of India, today, is acknowledged for its culture, infrastructure, and architecture.

After Bangalore and Hyderabad, it has become a hub for IT. The city has seen a gradual growth in real estate sector and now offers a wide range of affordable flats and luxury villas. These not only serve as housing options but also are lucrative investment options.

With the growing real estate market, the city is attracting investors not only from the city but also overseas.

Here are top reasons why investing in Real Estate in Kolkata is a great idea:

Centrally located properties are available:
Real estate in Kolkata has seen a massive growth especially in the last 3 years. Residential projects are coming in posh localities such as Ballygunge, Park Street, E.M Bypass, and Garia. 20-30 % growth has been seen in the development of top real estate companies.

Realistic Pricing:
The property pricing in Kolkata is much more on the realistic side unlike in other metropolitan cities of India:- Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore.
Studies show that Kolkata properties have better infrastructure. The asset pricing is comparatively lower.

Scope of Development:
The city is continuously expanding. Owing to the improved connectivity, Areas like Uttarpara, Rajarhat and Barasat are being concentrated upon by most of the top developers and realtors in Kolkata.
All the new expansion projects are being developed with much better planning.

Affordable to all:
Since the Real Estate developers are focused to come up with projects affordable for everyone. It is much more balanced than in most metropolitan cities. Properties in newly developed areas such as flats in Garia , Rajarhat and Newtown have greater chances of price escalation. Many real estate companies are even coming up with creative offers in order to make these affordable for more people.

The bottom line is, Kolkata has become a center of real estate investment. Instincts are driven by the market scenario, Kolkata is the ideal destination.

Demonetisation and Real Estate in Kolkata

Real estate has always been one of those sectors where people invest without a second thought. But last year with Demonstration coming into action things has changed.

Demonetisation came into law in November 2016 post which the real estate investment had gone down drastically. It would be fair to say that Demonetisation achieved the goals it had aimed for, Prevent tax evasion. It brought the property market to a standstill, as home buyers typically pay 30-40% of a home’s value in cash and the practice of paying for properties in cash to avoid taxes

But 2018 is expected to be better than last years. The market will offer a plenty of options in ready-to-move inventory since more project completions are likely to take place this year.

The impact of Demonetisation is far-fetched with the following being just a few of them:

1. Affordable Investment and home loans
With the fall in interest rate, a huge boast has impacted the real estate industry since properties have become much more accessible to more people. The overall yield on properties has undoubtedly improved The funds of Banks have boosted, this has led to a reduction of interest rates, rates on deposits and loans, and In fact interest on home loans is expected to reduce further by 2.3%. With these improvements, the lifestyle of a lot of people gets upgraded.

2. Plenty of buyers
A survey conducted have proved that there was a shortage of housing and homes in India as a huge number of people were not in the Banking System. But with the move of Demonetisation many people have come into the mainstream economy, means that they will also be eligible for home loans at a very nominal rate of interest.

3.Higher ROI
Investors find investing in properties much more attractive than early in paltry 5% to 6% on bank deposits.This is because simply buying and renting out gives them more returns as compared to what a bank investment would yield them. And let’s not forget that real estate is an asset in the long run.

4. Better Infrastructure
Since The government has a better revenue due to the Reformation, The Government would be able to boost funding for infrastructure schemes.

5. Surety and Transparency
With Demonetisation, GST and RERA being implemented there would be more Transparency and customer comfort. People are tension free about being conned into investing their life savings into a loss.